How residual referral income works

What are the advantages of being an NRS Referral Associate?

  • You can keep your license active and make referrals to full-time active sales associates, earning commission on every transaction.

  • While earning residual income, you avoid the expenses of an active agent such as MLS service dues, board of realtors dues, and Errors & Omissions insurance.

  • You can partner with an active sales associate of your choosing to provide your referral base with a consistent and highly professional level of service.

  • And — there are no quotas or required meetings!

Where do NRS Referral Associates come from?

  • You may be newly licensed but have decided against pursuing a real estate sales career.

  • You may want residual income after retiring from a full-time real estate career.

  • You may have moved to a new area but remain in touch with your previous contacts.

  • You may want to work part-time from home, concentrating on building your network of contacts.